Montgomery Mortgage

Mortgage Rates as of 09/27/2023

Mortgage Program Rates APR
30 Year Fixed 7.500 7.625
30 Year Fixed FHA 6.500 6.625
20 Year Fixed 7.375 7.500
15 Year Fixed 6.625 6.750
Rates are subject to change without notice and may vary based upon mortgage amount, credit score, loan to value ratio, income, etc.

A Mortgage Lender You Can Trust


Not many consumers can say that they "trust" their Mortgage Lender - well our customers can - and do! Please Click here for testimonials .

Montgomery Mortgage has an estimated 99% customer satisfaction rate. After nearly 15 years of service, we do not have a single complaint with the New Jersey Department of Banking.

We have the highest rating possible with the Better Business Bureau. Licensed as a Correspondent Lender, not just a Broker. We conform to the high regulatory standards prescribed by the New Jersey Department of Banking. Further, we are audited biennially or so by the New Jersey Department of Banking. We are also licensed in Pennsylvania and Florida.

Low Rates & Fees

Known for our “NO LENDER FEE” Mortgages, we consistently provide our clients with low rates and closing costs.

How do we do this? We keep our costs and margins low. Consequently, we pass this savings on to our customers and provide them with low rates.

We are a boutique lender that appeal to the savvy, sophisticated and informed consumer.

Customer Care

We provide our customers with WORLD CLASS CUSTOMER CARE and we are proud of it!

We have NO VOICE MAIL during normal business hours. That means that you will talk to a real, live person each and every time you call Montgomery Mortgage. After normal business hours, your loan officer will make strive to be available by email, text and cell phone.

Although we are a Mortgage Banker, we do not force our customers to fit into a limited portfolio of what meets a lender’s interest. We don’t force you to open a bank account and we don’t sell investment products. We focus on Mortgage Origination and we do it better than anyone else in the world. No lost calls or bouts of phone tag when dealing with Montgomery Mortgage.

To hear what our customers have to say, watch our video testimonials

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